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Program Overview

The WLSA’s new Global Foundation Year Program (GFY Program) is a transformative, year-long experience. It aims to broaden participants' global understanding, foster resourcefulness, and prepare them for academic excellence. This preparation is specifically tailored for leading Western and Chinese universities.

Focused on providing an immersive cross-cultural experience centred around China, GFY Program blends historical and contemporary perspectives. It offers an enriching pre-university experience for academically inquisitive, adventurous, and culturally aware students.

Target Students

Ideal candidates should be eager to engage deeply with China's rich cultural heritage and its dynamic role in contemporary global affairs, encompassing both traditional and innovative aspects. It is specifically designed for four groups of students:

1. ‘GAP’ year students;

2. High school graduates from US, UK, African and other countries;

3. High School Graduates Preparing for Chinese Universities;

4. Chinese High School Graduates.

Dates and Duration

The GFY Program is scheduled to commence in late August 2024, strategically timed to provide optimal preparation for students gearing up for university entrance examinations. The academic year will be divided into four semesters, offering a comprehensive and structured learning experience.

It's important to note that the program has been designed with flexibility in mind, especially concerning entry points. This consideration allows us to accommodate students from different countries who have varying academic calendars.

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