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Educational Modules

We are committed to developing students’ essential skills through a comprehensive and diverse curriculum, consisting of four interlinked educational modules. Students have the flexibility to choose and tailor these modules, and elective subjects, according to their individual needs and aspirations, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.


Core Courses with a Global Focus


At the heart of the GFY Program lies WLSA’s innovative Cross-Cultural Leadership Programme (CCLP), a course which is designed to address contemporary global challenges and cultivate essential 21st-century leadership skills. Key focus areas of CCLP include:
• Negotiation Skills;
• Cultural Competence (CQ);
• Risk and Resilience Capabilities.


College Readiness Courses
and Guidance

For students of group A, B and C, this module will be the cornerstone of the education until college acceptance. It consists of two parts:
• Customized academic courses from WLSA Shanghai Academy;
• Bespoke College Counselling Services.


Cultural Immersive Activities


The GFY Program places a significant focus on cultural enrichment. This includes opportunities for unique cultural encounters exploring China’s rich heritage:
• Exploration;
• Project Work.



A key aspect of the program is the provision of varied internship opportunities across different sectors such as industry, finance, the arts, education and more. These internship opportunities will be with renowned companies and organisations.

Additionally, organized industry visits , such as to SAIC Motor Corporation and the Shanghai Docks will expose students to technical innovation and global business operations.

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