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“Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?”              —Carl Sandburg


You might come to the secondary school and feel a bit lost on seeing so many courses, lots of projects, and diversified choices of student clubs and events. You might ask yourself, “What suits me the best? How can I make the most of my high school life? Where do I want to spend the next four-year college life?" Your answer is that the College Counseling Office will guide you through the three-year high school life and make it memorable and worthwhile.

The office sticks to the policy “Choose what you like, and like what you choose” to guide students through the tedious college application process. Counselors in the office aim to unveil the mystery of the college admission process, and help students to find their own voice and identity, while enjoying the application process. Students and parents will be provided with the self-discovery project, college counseling curriculum, college counseling guidebook, workshops on a variety of topics, over 80 college information sessions per year, East Meet West Exchange, competitions, community service, etc. From all these supports, students are guided to find out the true passion and explore the “right fit college” for themselves.

Since the establishment of 2012, more than 320 students graduated from the school and they are currently studying in the US, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc. We are proud that they stepped out of their comfort zone and challenged themselves to be a better person.




Frances Zhang:
Marla Huang: marla.huang@wlsafoundation.comCarrie Xi:
Betty Wang:



Peter Mao:
Estela Pei:

Canion Luo:

Jessie Xie:


The WLSA College Admission Network (CAN) brings together secondary school counselors and university admission officers from around the globe.

Our Platform provides the opportunity to join forces with fellow experts in the field, travel internationally and engage with WLSA Students, parents, and academic professionals.



​With your support, CAN aims to:

  • Educate international students on higher education institutions abroad and the ‘right fit’ principle

  • Navigate the constantly evolving admissions process

  • Share tools for students to write successful personal essays and prepare for one on one interviews

  • Train academic staff to develop effective school profiles and recommendation letters


“Working with the World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) has been one of the highlights of my professional career. While the challenges of recruiting students internationally and especially from China can be very real, this organization and its partner secondary schools from around the world are getting it right by providing educational exchanges for students and by organizing conferences to help secondary school principals and teachers, students, and parents learn about the complex admissions process at colleges and universities in the United States. Bridging cultural differences and promoting stronger relationships between secondary schools and higher education institutions is central to WLSA’s mission, and I am proud to be partner with a group that that is committed to serving students and families in such a thoughtful and professional way.”


——Kelly Walter, Associate Vice President & Executive Director of Admissions, Boston University (USA)

2015-2021 College Matriculation

  • Rice University(1)

  • Ringling College of Art and Design(1)

  • Rochester Institute of Technology(1)

  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology(5)

  • Rutgers, New Brunswick(15)

  • Santa Clara University(1)

  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago(2)

  • School of Visual Arts(7)

  • Skidmore College(4)

  • Smith College(1)

  • Stanford University(2)

  • St. Lawrence College(1)

  • SUNY-Binghamton(1)

  • SUNY-Baruch College(1)

  • SUNY-Baffalo(2)

  • SUNY-Stony Brook(1)

  • Syracuse University(14)

  • Tulane University(9)

  • Union College(3)

  • University of Chicago(12)

  • University of California-Berkeley(2)

  • University of California-Davis(10)

  • University of California-Irvine(5)

  • University of California-Los Angeles(2)

  • University of California-San Diego(11)

  • University of California-Santa Cruz(2)

  • University of California-Santa Barbara(8)

  • University of Colorado Boulder(1)

  • University of Connecticut(3)

  • University of Florida(7)

  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign(17)

  • University of Iowa(2)

  • University of Maryland-College Park(5)

  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst(3)

  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor(15

  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities(2)

  • University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill(1)

  • University of Pittsburgh(3)

  • University of Rochester(14)

  • University of Southern California(3)

  • University of Washington(2)

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison(11)

  • Vanderbilt University(9)

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University(1)

  • Washington University in St. Louis(5)

  • Wake Forest University(2)

  • Wheaton College(1)

  • Yale University(1)


The United States

  • Art Center College of Design(1)

  • Bentley University(3)

  • Berklee College of Music(1)

  • Boston College(2)

  • Boston University(10)

  • Brandeis University(3)

  • Brown University(1)

  • California College of the Arts(1)

  • California State University-Long Beach(1)

  • Carnegie Mellon University(3)

  • Case Western Reserve University(11)

  • Claremont McKenna College(1)

  • Colgate University(3)

  • College of William and Mary(2)

  • Colorado College(1)

  • Columbia University(2)

  • Cooper Union(1)

  • Cornell University(17)

  • Dartmouth College(1)

  • Davidson College(1)

  • Denison University(2)

  • Drexel University(1)

  • Emerson College(7)

  • Emory University(14)

  • Fordham University(4)

  • Franklin & Marshall College(9)

  • George Washington University(2)

  • Grinnell College(2)

  • Harvard University(1)

  • Haverford College(1)

  • Hobart and William Smith College(2)

  • Indiana University-Bloomington(3)

  • Johns Hopkins University(1)

  • Kenyon College(3)

  • Lafayette College(2)

  • Lehigh University(3)

  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design(1)

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology(1)

  • Miami University-Oxford(1)

  • Michigan State University(2)

  • Mount Holyoke College(9)

  • New York University(28)

  • Northwestern University(4)

  • Northeastern University(3)

  • Oberlin College(1)

  • Occidental College(2)

  • Ohio State University(8)

  • Otis College of Art and Design(1)

  • Parsons School of Design(4)

  • Pennsylvania State University(18)

  • Pratt Institute(8)

  • Princeton University(2)

  • Purdue University(7)

  • Reed College(2)

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(20)

  • Rhode Island School of Design(4)


  • The University of Sydney (7)

  • University of Melbourne (4)

  • University of New South Wales (3)



  • Queen's University(2)

  • The University of British Columbia(2)

  • University of Toronto(3)

  • University of Waterloo(2)

  • York University(1)


The United Kingdom

  • Central Saint Martins(1)

  • Durham University(1)

  • Imperial College London(1)

  • London College of Fashion(2)

  • University College London(3)

  • University of Bath(1)

  • University of St Andrews(1)

  • University of the Arts London(1)

  • University of Edinburgh(2)


  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences(1)



  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management(1)

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