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It is my great pleasure to be involved in the development of WLSA Shanghai Academy and its three sites at Fudan, Baoshan, and Xin Zhu Yuan. WLSA Shanghai is the flagship of the WLSA ideal — creating a truly globally-minded culture in which students are educated to see how they can change the world for the better as the leaders of tomorrow. It is a school in which students from different parts of China and different backgrounds work together, thereby gaining a better understanding of each other and what it is possible to achieve.


WLSA Shanghai is special in China with high academic standards and a unique program that gives students the skills and mindset to be successful in universities abroad and effective as global citizens. It also has a unique scholarship program for students from all over China.


WLSA Shanghai has a noble ideal and it is a not-for-profit organization. It is wholly about students and their futures, not about making money. Today’s students are the vanguard of a movement that I believe will become highly significant in years to come. Imagine a time when there are WLSA Academies in countries around the world, sharing the same vision. It is the students here in Shanghai right now who are setting the standard and establishing the culture.


You students have a wonderful opportunity to do something remarkable for yourselves, but also to be part of a much bigger picture. Work hard, take full advantage of this unique WLSA experience, and enjoy it all!

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