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Sino-American Program

The WLSA Sino-American Program consists of courses in three categories - Regular courses, Advanced courses and WLSA GIP Distinction courses. Regular and Advanced courses are mainly subject-based and Distinction courses are mainly skills-based and cross-disciplinary.

Capstone is a one-year self-initiated project across grade 11 and grade 12, and it is a graduation requirement. This is a great opportunity for students to explore their passion in academics and choose a project that benefits the world at the same time. It encourages students to combine rigorous academic components with practical, hands-on learning and community engagement, using the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their WSA courses. Capstone includes a project defense, which is regarded as a showcase of what students have learned across their three years of high school studies.

Sino-American Courses


*Credit: only for GPA calculation
*Elective courses:
Advanced: 5periods/per week and 5 credits
Regular: 4 periods/ per week and 4 credits
*Course length:
Some courses are one-year courses and some courses are two-year courses. Regarding two-year courses, I or II is indicated, such as Advanced Chemistry I and Advanced Chemistry II, which means Advanced chemistry is a two-year course.

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