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Founding Members of World Leading Schools Association (WLSA)

  • CHEER Foundation

  • Eton College

  • Harvard-Westlake School

  • Geelong Grammar School

  • Groton School

  • Beijing No. 4 High School

  • The High School Affiliated to Fudan University

WLSA Shanghai Academy (WSA) was established in 2012. The mission of WSA is To empower young people to become successful leaders who make a positive impact in their communities.
WSA seeks to inspire its students, under the leadership of WLSA Shanghai Academy offers WLSA Curriculum and the core of WLSA Curriculum is WLSA Global Impact Program (WLSA GIP) , which is a unique, interdisciplinary, skills-based curriculum that forms the foundation of a holistic vision of high school education in a globalized society.

WLSA Shanghai Academy includes three sites in Shanghai, Zhengxi (Grade 11 & Grade 12), Baoshan (Grade 10) and Xizhuyuan (Grade 6 to Grade 9).

Advantages for teachers

  • A young, growing, and ambitious team

  • An environment that invites creativity

  • Opportunity to contribute to the creation of a school culture

  • Copious opportunities for advancement

  • Connections to schools worldwide

  • Professional development from educators from some of the best schools worldwide

  • Close relationship with Peabody school of education at Vanderbilt University

  • Teaching some of the brightest, most curious, and most ambitious students in China


  • English Literature Teacher

  • History Teacher

  • Math Teacher

  • Physics Teacher

  • Chemistry Teacher

  • Economics Teacher

  • Music Teacher

  • Art Teacher

  • Physical Education Teacher

Please send your resume to, thank you.

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