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The Global Impact Program (GIP)


The WLSA Global Impact Program (GIP) is a unique, interdisciplinary, skills-based curriculum that forms
the foundation of a holistic vision of high school education in a globalized society. Built from the
ground up, students at WLSA Shanghai Academy (WSA) develop critical skills and competencies in a
rigorous and empowering three-year program based on our core values: promoting academic excellence, creating community leaders, and developing global citizenship. The WLSA GIP has been evolving since its first implementation and is annually revised to ensure its rigor progresses with our students’ needs.


Our Distinction courses entail the following:
Skills Development Program (SDP), originally collaboratively designed with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), is a project-based learning class. It fosters students’ skills of performing research, critical evaluation, reflective learning, efficient teamwork (leading and listening), and effective communication.

Cross Culture Philosophy and Ethics focuses on moral education, integrity, and ethical responsibility as a part of the international community. Through the course, students gain a wider understanding of ethical issues, particularly those that will affect them around the world.

Colloquy, which originated from the Division course at Winchester College in the UK, is a research-based learning course that directly focuses on students’ ability to critically evaluate a topic from different perspectives. Academic writing, logic, and critical thinking skills are particularly targeted.

Assimilation and Differences Across Societies (ADAS), is a course adapted from Harvard-
Westlake School, and is primarily a Harkness-table learning class. Students analyze and contrast cultural values between the US and China, examining and predicting their own struggles before
creating a plan of adaptation to the country. The class structure enables students to engage in a
Socratic-seminar environment and learn how to be a productive member in discussions.


Chinese Strategy is an interdisciplinary course, merging Chinese history & politics and asian philosophy, which is centered on the study of conflict and peace strategies in ancient China. This class devotes special attention to context analysis in order to reflect and develop a possible strategic plan of action for current events around the globe.

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